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Development Work

Our professional team can be leveraged to complement your present team or as standalone offshore team to complete:

Custom app:

  • Is your business unique?
  • Is ‘Vanilla’ or ‘Out Of The Box’ software too complex?
  • Do you need small dedicated functionality and do not want to pay for the entire software?
  • Is the available software product in the market needs to be heavily customized?
  • Are market options too expensive?
  • Are you being charged by transaction?

We have experts in multiple technologies who can develop a dedicated and business ready software package that will cater to your niche process. We can develop a process which can be a combination of on-premise or cloud ready software which will provide faster ROI. We can enhance your home grown application or customize third party software as per your business demands.

Our development team can work on product enhancements and upgrades to an existing system. For your ERPs, our team will help maintain books and extend services to open and close periods on time so that year end activity and tax reporting becomes a smooth activity. This will ease up some load from business team members who can focus their time and energy more towards business matters.

  • Full Stack Needs.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Data Visualization.
  • Data Engineering.
  • UI/UX Design.
  • Network and Information Security (Cybersecurity).
  • Cloud Computing/AWS.
  • BlockChain.
  • IOT.
  • ChatBot.
  • Data Science and Analytics.
  • Artificial Intelligence.

System Integration:

Does your business have multiple software catering to different needs, but they are not integrated?

We can integrate your systems and keep the integrations working at much lower costs. System Integration by OEM vendors is often time consuming and quite expensive. With our in-house multi technology skill-set team, we can reduce the time for go-live and cost substantially. Systems may be integrated real-time, batch mode or synchronous mode.

Custom application development and maintenance which is unique to your business needs.

Business Intelligence:

Is your business needing a decision enabling dashboards based on your finance/ supply chain?

We can build business intelligence dashboards for your business decision making. These dashboards can be built using in house tools or by procuring BI based platform from a third party. We will build dashboards which will have critical decision enabling charts and data and may be refreshed periodically to facilitate better decision making.