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System Support

Our cross technology experts can provide operations and maintenance activities (L1, L2 support). We have 24X7 system monitoring staff who will proactively take remedial actions to avoid system outages or slow down thereby avoiding business interruptions. In the event system shows symptoms of any upcoming problems, our monitoring staff will take necessary course correction to fix the problem.

Our Linux/ Unix and Windows administrators will help prepare newer environments and maintain existing environments as per industry norms.

Our expert DataBase Administrators will maintain your production and other development test environments and provide periodic reports on the system health and advise on remedial or proactive measures. Our team will also prepare an advance plan of periodic system refreshes.

Our administrator teams will ensure that your valuable data is securely backed up for an event that may need recovery. We have run-books and best practices that are constantly practiced to ensure disaster recovery is a 100% success and takes a very short time.

Our resident GST and Tax experts will help ensure that the system is legally compliant.